Agrioasi is a farm located in a small town in the municipality of Portogruaro, in the countryside of the Venetian plain. Nestled in a rural landscape, Agrioasi comprises about 7 hectares of fields cultivated with cereals, soya and hemp sativa and a large wooded area. We also grow fruit trees for the production of extra jams and a vegetable garden full of vegetables. Among our values is environmental sustainability: the electricity we use is produced with our photovoltaic system, the lights work with twilight and presence sensors. We grow without poisons or chemical fertilisers and are plastic free. In the Spuntineria we use our own products or those of farms in the surrounding area, minimising CO2 emissions for food production.

Clean and renewable energy

Our photovoltaic system.

Plastic free

For several years, we have not purchased products in plastic packaging. We use draught detergents, we do not buy water in plastic bottles, in the snack bar we use washable tableware made of bioplastic, and we reject the practice of disposable items as much as possible.

Love for the land

We preserve the soil by using organic substances and use farming techniques that do not exploit the land intensively such as crop rotation and shallow ploughing.

We do not use chemical fertilisers or poisons, which also respects the health of those who live around our farm as well as those who then eat our products.


The European Green Deal is an ambitious European Union (EU) strategy that aims to promote sustainable economic growth, improve the health and quality of life of citizens, and protect the environment. A key element of this strategy is the strengthening of sustainable food systems, so the European Green Deal and agriculture need to be linked to create a healthy food system for people and the planet.