In the surrounding area

Staying at the Agrioasi campsite you can visit various places of natural, historical and gastronomic interest, making daily excursions by train or car. By bicycle it is possible to visit the towns of Portogruaro and Concordia Sagittaria. From the nearby Portogruaro railway station there are daily and hourly connections to the wonderful cities of Venice, Treviso and Trieste. Moreover, being in an area rich in navigable rivers, just a few kilometres from the mountains and the sea, in a short time it is possible to make excursions of naturalistic and eno-gastronomic value to places of interest, by boat, by bicycle or on foot (Fishermen’s Village in Caorle, the paths around Lake Barcis, Marano Lagoon and the oasis of Vallevecchia in Brussa).


Cities to visit


Beautiful and cultured, Trieste is the most cosmopolitan city in Italy. One can breathe in the glorious Habsburg past, and in the intersections of languages, peoples and religions that still characterise it, one can easily sense its Central European and Mediterranean soul.


Immortal and mysterious, the soul of Venice is made up of 118 islands united by over 400 bridges, separated by canals that act as maritime roads, perpetually traversed by gondolas and boats in a constant coming and going. To say it is overflowing with art treasures is even irreverent: romantic charm and history are absolutely unique here.


A city located in the heart of Veneto, in Treviso you can make a cultural sightseeing stroll along the course of the river Sile. The slow flow of the water gives the city a very special musicality, almost lulling the visitor. The porticoed houses with their beautiful frescoed façades reflected in the Buranelli canal tell of Treviso’s close bond with its waters.

The Vallevecchia Oasis

The Oasis is characterised by the meeting of the lagoon territory with the hinterland rich in lush vegetation and fauna native to the area. A unique ecosystem that has been upgraded by man to coexist with Nature and ensure its preservation. Away from the urbanisation of the cities, it is possible to live an experience immersed in the charm of the Oasis.

The Oasis is nestled amidst kilometres of pine forest and several wooded patches of the coastal strip, along which you can take one of the countless accesses to the sea through the dense pine forest and the interesting dunes on which it stands. Immersing oneself in the charm of the nature that surrounds the Oasis is possible, thanks to a proposal of nature excursions by bicycle, boat or on horseback.

Day trips

The itineraries proposed here can be completed in a day, leaving from the campsite in the morning and returning in the evening:

  • Lake Barcis and the old Valcellina road
  • Tabine beach in Tagliamento in Ragogna and raw ham tasting in San Daniele del Friuli (Ud)
  • Caorle and the old fishing village
  • From Lignano (Ud) boat trip in the Marano lagoon
  • Aquileia archaeological site and a visit to the seaside town of Grado
  • Ffrom Bibione to the Brussa by boat
  • The lighthouse of Bibione at the mouth of the river Tagliamento